With diabetes it is easy to fall into the habit of drudgingly following the necessary routine: check blood sugar, inject, eat, repeat. A key component of Zen is being aware of the here and now - the moment. This same concept can be applied to diabetes.

In many situations the unhealthful choice becomes the default. Rather than eating that bagel or extra cookie because it is easy and close, it would be better to take the time to step back and differentiate between wants and needs. Do I simply want the cookie because it is easy, or do I really need it to survive and be happy?

The same here-and-now thinking can be applied to other avenues as well: biking to work, going for a walk at lunch, or even taking an extra minute or two to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. What it all comes down to is taking that single second to step back and assess the situation. Once you commit yourself to making a conscious decision the correct choice is usually obvious.

I am still far from perfecting this myself. The preprogrammed "easy" choices are far too tempting to make when stressed or in a rush. As Glenn Callaghan, PhD states in his recent article on the subject, although it is not everything, a lot rests on practice. Dr. Callaghan boils it down to simply: "Stop. Breath in. Breath out. Do."