Apple Watch Dexcom Graph Photo: What Dexcom CGM data might look like on the Apple Watch

In anticipation of Apple's keynote today there was a lot of speculation around whether the Apple Watch (rumored to be called the iWatch) would include a glucose sensor. While it would have been interesting, due to the FDA requirements I don't think this was ever a true possibility.

However, as I watched the Apple keynote today announcing the iPhone 6 and the new Apple Watch it got me thinking about one way in which the watch, even with no added sensor could be an incredible tool in diabetes management: tying together a CGM sensor and the watch by displaying data directly on the screen and using the Taptic Engine to give alerts and warnings to the wearer.

Bypassing the CGM receiver and pushing data direct to phones is something that Dexcom CEO Terry Gregg already discussed as CES 2013 last year, so it isn't a stretch to think that the data would be able to be pushed to the watch as well.

The thought of not having to carry another device constantly and also get subtle taps on my wrist from the Taptic Engine when I was trending high or low would be incredible! As such an innovative company I certainly hope that this is something that Dexcom pursues as they continue the development of the G5.

Another possibility for integration that I'm excited about is with the Tidepool Project. Tidepool is a non-profit working to bring together all of the various data points from CGMs, pumps, food trackers, and fitness trackers to create a unified view for diabetics and in the future hopefully predictive analytics as well. Using the new sensors such as heart rate and altitude that are included with the new Apple Watch and iPhones would allow even more sophistication and is something else that I would love to see incorporated. Not to mention the possibilities by incorporating with the new HealthKit!

Here's hoping we continue to see increased innovation in the space!